Ski wax brush

While ski waxing brushes are made for two things. First of all brushing away old wax before putting a new layer, but also to brush wax out of the base after hot waxing is finished. For the brush wax out of base part you should use a couple different types of brushes depending on the wax type. Brushes are commonly made of nylon, horse hair or bronze. It is a good choice to purchase one of each ski wax brush, because they are all specified to be used for different ski waxing things. There are rectangular- and oval brushes, I would recommend to only buy oval brushes, as they has all the features that rectangular has, but it also makes it easier to reach hard accessible areas. 

Using the brush whilst tuning

If you use a warm temperature wax, you should start with nylon ski wax brush, move on to a horse hair brush and finish with a nylon fluoro brush. For colder temperatures you should start ski waxing with a brass brush and then move on to a horse hair brush. There are also brushes special designed for removing old wax and open the pores and base structure before putting a new layer. For that I recommend a bronze ski wax brush called Swix Oval Bronze Brush or alternative the rectangular Toko Ski Base Brush. They are very alike, just different brands and dimensions. 

Now for all the products that you have available purchasing; for nylon ski waxing brush is Artech Oval Nylon and for horsehair brush you should choose Artech Oval Horsehair. As mentioned above the best bronze brush is Swix Oval Bronze Brush. When investing in nylon fluoro brush go for the rectangular Artech Nylon Fluoro and finally the fourth ski wax brush would be Artech Oval Brass Brush.

As an additional feature to the ski wax brush, it is recommended to also use a ski wax iron of which heats up the wax and apply to your skis or snowboard. All this ski waxing brushes might sound extremely complicated, although you don’t get an instruction sheet included with a ski wax brush, you will get one when buying all the other equipment which is needed for a complete ski wax kit. For example when purchasing an edger you will always get an instruction sheet containing all you need to know. Also, once you got the products you will learn very fast, and if you anyhow would have any at all questions there are a lot of tutorials on the net, and you are also always free to contact us!


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