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The ski wax is the main part of a tuning kit and there are waxes in all different price ranges. There are a few waxes which are suitable for all type of weather conditions and some which of are temperature specific, which means they are specialized for just one type of weather. As a ski wax doesn’t have a “best before date” it could be worth considering investing in a couple different waxes fitting different weather conditions. With the right cheap ski wax in hand, you will be guaranteed a great ski day whatsoever.

Allow me start off with an all-around wax. It is the affordable Super Hot Sauce All Temperature by Hertel.  Basically it is a ¾ pound (340 gram) brick of wax and is the Amazon´s #1 best-selling ski wax. The wax works well with both skis and snowboards and, as mentioned before, in any weather conditions. This cheap ski wax will not glide as well as temperature specific waxes but if you have strictly decided to only buy one single all-around wax, this is the on for you. If you instead are looking for a couple temperature specific waxes, then just keep reading.

Wet snow is something we all prefer to be without, but that is not going to affect us anSki waxymore. With a wet-snow specialized ski wax called Swix F4 Universal the problem will easily be solved. Weighing one pound, being environment friendly and fitting both skis and snowboards, it is for sure the best wet snow wax on the market. Another tip to get good speed on wet snow is using a great ski waxing brush, it helps you apply the wax even smoother. In other weather conditions such as new fallen snow, which is basically every skier and backcountry skiers dream condition, the ski performance can also be dramatically improved. In fact, using new fallen snow temperature specific ski wax will improve the speed quite a lot.

For powder snow waxing, the markets best wax is Swix Nordic Liquid Wax which can be seen in the picture to the left. It is a 80 ml cheap ski wax tube specified for new fallen snow -8°C to -15°C (18°F to 5°F) and fine grained snow -10°C to -18°C (14°F to 0°F). This wax is actually commonly used in top racing, and is certainly the markets best cold snow wax. The brand Swix has been on the market for now 70 years, and within all those years, they have learned the ski waxing business very well. They have developed all type of tuning tools and also have one specific cheap ski wax for very cold temperatures and harsh man-made snow.

This cold-temperature ski wax is called SWIX LF12 Combi and is a 2 ounce (60g) block. For maximum performance in all kind of weather we recommend buying one sample of all the waxes mentioned above and so finish up the main part of your ski wax kit. There is also a last option for you; it is the Cera Nova CH Wax from the quality brand Swix. If you go the Amazon site of this relatively cheap ski wax you will see that you have the option to select between six different colors. Every color represents a different type of wax which is specified for one type of weather condition. Buying one of each color will give you a great advantage in the slopes.

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