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6 Steps to Awesome: The Insider’s Guide to Waxing Your Skis and Snowboards

Here’s a true statement: You’re about to get faster on the slopes, with more consistent turning and carving performance, and this guide is going to show you how. It comes down to wax, and how you apply it. Before we start, let’s talk about what this guide is and is not. What you’ll learn here […]

Ski scraper

Are you thinking of purchasing a wax scraper? Don’t do it until you have read this. In fact, if you buy a metal scraper it is likely that it will damage your skis. Only experienced tuners should use a metal scraper, and they use it because it is almost double as effective as a plastic […]

Diamond sharpening stone

It is never recommended to leave your edges factory-tuned, it does not only make the skis very slow, but it also might cause you break your ass. It is rather highly recommended to sharp them up a little bit. That is done with files and a diamond sharpening stone. To use these, you need a Base […]

Ski wax brush

While ski waxing brushes are made for two things. First of all brushing away old wax before putting a new layer, but also to brush wax out of the base after hot waxing is finished. For the brush wax out of base part you should use a couple different types of brushes depending on the […]

Tuning tools

The three main tools for ski tuning are scraper, sharpener and edger. All these tools are used after that you have used the iron to melt the ski wax. After applied the ski wax with the iron, you use the scraper to further apply and remove excess wax. With the sharpener, you can make the […]

Ski wax iron

What is a ski wax kit without an iron? The ski wax iron is a tool you heat up to a high temperature and then melt the wax and spread it all over your ski or board. When purchasing a ski wax iron you want to look at which temperature ranges it has, how steady […]

Cheap ski wax

The ski wax is the main part of a tuning kit and there are waxes in all different price ranges. There are a few waxes which are suitable for all type of weather conditions and some which of are temperature specific, which means they are specialized for just one type of weather. As a ski […]

Ski wax kit

As you spend lots of money on ski equipment, ski pass and else for sloping, it is also a worthy investment to have top-notch tuned skis. If you have decided to purchase a complete ski wax kit but don’t know which to go for, then keep on reading. The pros of buying a complete ski […]